Barrie Real Estate Update: April 27, 2020 (Video)

Barrie Market Update |

Welcome to the front porch episode of The Barrie Real Estate Update!
(This is “take 2” – Mike did a practice round first. 😂 )
👇Here’s a quick overview, but take 5 minutes to check out the video at the end for more context and specific property examples. Like the house that sold for $275k this week!
▪️ 12 new listings this week compared to 6 last week; 4 of those are relists, meaning there’s really only 8 new listings.
▪️ Conditional sales were up…we had 1 vs 0 from the last few weeks.
▪️ Firm sales were 2, also keeping pace with last week.
▪️ Total inventory is 68 listings, up slightly over last week with 62.
▪️ New listings are continuing to trend up; We saw 43 new listings this week, up slightly over 40 last week. Of those 43 new listings, 13 were relists, so really just 30 new listings.
▪️ 21 price reductions this week.
▪️ Conditional sales were 3, up from 1 last week.
▪️ Firm sales up again with 20 vs 16 last week.
📉Inventory is 248, down just slightly from 249 last week.
❗Last week we noticed that in-person showings were beginning to increase; we are continuing to see this trend upwards.
👉In summary, things seem to be picking up. That said, it’s too short a window to make any sweeping statements about where the market is heading just yet. Stay tuned for more updates!
In the meantime, stay safe & stay healthy.


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