A Letter Regarding Barrie Real Estate and COVID-19

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Clients & Friends,

We have received many inquiries regarding Barrie Real Estate and COVID-19.

These are unprecedented times and we have given a great deal of thought as to what we can do to keep our families and community safe.

We are reviewing our processes on an ongoing basis because we need to ensure they align with what the government is recommending, and what we know is best for you.

To that end, our team is available to connect with for questions, information, and direction. However, many meetings will be taking place by phone or video conference.

You can reach us by email, texting or calling, and we intend to be as responsive as we always have been (contact information at the end of this message).

Upcoming Closings

If you have an upcoming closing, we will be reaching out to your mortgage brokers and lawyers to confirm contingency plans, and will work with them to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. We will be communicating with each client individually on this.

We will not be conducting open houses in the interest of public safety and the safety of our clients, and showings will follow a strict protocol.

Staying Informed

We will also continue with our regular market updates to keep you informed. To speculate on the market based on past times of crisis would not be valuable since this is unlike any time we have seen before. We have been at this a long time and one thing we do know is that things can change hour-by-hour. The most valuable thing we can do is stay on top of it and ensure we are passing that information along to you.

At this time, offers are still being made on homes, and while some clients have taken their homes off the market for the time being, some are still comfortable with showings (with precautions of course).

Barrie Real Estate and COVID-19

People still need homes and we will do everything in our power to safely facilitate and help where we can. We still have long term confidence about our market and are happy to talk to you with respect to any questions you have.

How Can We Help?

Most importantly, in this time of uncertainty we want you to know that we are here to help. We are aware that you may be self-isolating for the better of our community, but there are inconveniences that come with that.

If you need someone to grab medication from the pharmacy, pick up your grocery order, and/or check in on a family member, please let us know. We are healthy and have lots of hand sanitizer on hand!

You can contact us, email or text/call us at:

Mike: (705)790-0117 / Michael@teamkeogh.ca

Jake: (705)818-4598 / Jacob@teamkeogh.ca

Stay safe and take care everyone!

Mike & Jake
March 17, 2020

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